Why Is Homosexuality Exploding Among Young Adults?

Paul & Kirk Cameron have written to help explain why our society is becoming so overtly homosexual.

They say: Homosexuality is exploding among U.S. teens. Ditto for younger adults. Over the last decade, the relative proportion of U.S. teenagers claiming to be homosexual has increased 85%. The relative proportion who have not made up their minds about embracing homosexuality has increased 53%. While those claiming interest only in the opposite sex has dropped 6%.

What’s Going On? The Secularists and The Humanists want you to believe that this is a normal, natural evolution. Is this true? Or is this a sophisticated Marketing Ploy? The facts indicate something far more insidious.

Our’s is the first society that has ever marketed homosexuality to its youth. Gay Pride Parades… TV…. NEWS…. Disney… The Bathroom Issue. And now the CDC is recommending schools have gay/straight clubs. Our Government, Our Media, Our Education System and even Some of Our Churches are either touting homosexual behavior or accepting of it. In our High Schools, there is an Explosion of homosexuality, according to a 25-year Study by the Centers for Disease Control.
Of the 16 million U.S. high-school students today, an extra million are either homosexual or heading in that direction!

A Gallup report in 2012, indicated that 43% of all adult LGTBs were aged 18 to 36. In 2016, that number had swelled to 58%. We’ve gone from 5.8% of all adults to 7.3% in a veritable twinkling – on pace for 10% of adults to be potentially dabbling in homosexuality by our next presidential election!

Ten percent seems to be the Magic Number to begin hawking the idea that these people are being discriminated against; that their chosen sexual proclivity is dangerous, destructive and completely unnatural, apparently has no bearing on the socio-political marketing scheme.

Gallup reports that the majority of homosexuals 20 years ago were men – 55% now are women. By painting gays as “victims” under the “civil rights” umbrella, these efforts have many girls “feeling sorry for” lesbians in the same manner they use to rescue wayward guys.

Our birthrate is falling – it’s already below the 2.1 children-per-woman needed for a stable society — Our Morals are disintegrating.

Are people born Homosexual? The CDC has been surveying and tracking “Youth Risk Behavior” since 1991. In 2001-09, 92.1% of U.S. high school students said they were only sexually interested in the opposite sex. In 2015 (the last year for which we have data), 86.5% did – that’s 6% fewer, or 900,000 kids.

A decade ago 5.1% (or 800,000) said they were sexually interested in their own sex;
in 2015, 1.5 million (an additional 704,000 more) said so – an increase of 84.2%. And where 2.6% of kids in the 2001-9 survey said they were unsure of their sexual identity, 4% made the same report in 2015 – an increase of 53%.

“The resolutions of the American Psychiatric and American Psychological Associations calling for equality or near equality of treatment of professionals and clients with either homo or hetero orientations, [are evidence of] further movement toward equality of the sexual orientations.

What our grandparent’s generation tried to protect kids from is now being taught as a “civil right” and an “obligation to support and join with sexual minorities.”
Our youth are obeying.

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