When Disciplining A Child Is Not The Same As Raising One

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Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him. Prov. 22:15

If you have children, you’ve probably heard a litany of excuses from them to explain why they didn’t do something they should have, or did something they shouldn’t. If you are a good parent, these excuses don’t move you. However, what if you’ve never provided the necessary instruction, training and monitoring every child needs? What if you’ve routinely ignored their transgressions or responded to them in an inconsistent way? You’ve probably ended up with a ‘Hillary Clinton!’

Consider Hillary A Case In Point!
A trained lawyer, she knows The Law! She has been operating at the highest levels of government for most of her life. Now she wants the world to believe she did not knowingly break the law by having a personal server, while Secretary of State. That the emails she sent and received were not classified (at the time she saw them), as though this makes it all Ok!

How does an intelligent person get to this place? What made her think people would accept these foolish statements? Statements that are even now unravelling before her eyes?

Answer? Conditioning. She’s never been held accountable for her actions. There has never been a Higher Authority, in her life, to require anything else. This has conditioned her to expect a pass. The crimes she is being investigated for are serious! The evidence we’ve heard is significant, precise and damning. They come with stiff penalties of up to 10 years in jail! And this doesn’t even factor in the potential damage to our National Security….the whole time she has held public office.

[NOTE: She doesn’t type. She uses her Blackberry for emails. Blackberries are notoriously vulnerable…especially in foreign countries. Our State Department does not allow employees to take them out of the country! [Dick Morris]

POINT? This is the importance of holding children accountable for their actions and attitudes. It’s called Discipline. The standards must be Clear, Consistent, Achievable, Standardized, and Unyielding! Everyone in the family must be held to the same standards. Every infraction must be corrected, if you want order, peace, productivity and a child who will grow up with godly character.

Parents can & do overlook things, deliberately, on occasion. Not the big things! Not the important things! The little things everyone does when they’re not being careful. This is not a Concentration Camp!

How important is it that a child pick up after themselves, make their bed, wash themselves, brush their teeth, put clothes in the hamper, show respect, be responsible, polite, punctual, faithful, careful, disciplined, frugal, etc? There is no way to minimize the importance of these. They are character qualities that set human beings apart from animals and provide the necessary platform for a productive life!

This is largely a Lost Art, today. Parents are busy. Parents are tired. Parents are distracted. Parents have not been raised with these qualities / values, themselves. Neglect of food is called child-abuse. Neglect of character training is worse! Miss a meal and a child will not die. Neglect character training and the child is set on a dangerous and destructive lifestyle course. Something they will not realize until it’s too late.

It is more important for a child to do his ‘chores’ and learn proper etiquette than it is to play. They need both, but play is about exercise and coordination of the body. Acculturation is about Survival! When you allow your children to ‘get away with being irresponsible,’ you are doing irreparable harm. Children are, by nature foolish, clumsy, forgetful, irresponsible [there are exceptions].

The Bible recommends ‘the rod of reproof.’ This is not necessarily a stick with which to beat the child but a methodology to correct and train the child. They MUST get caught, corrected and re-structured EVERY TIME!

IF NOT? Your chid will grow up to be unprepared for life as an adult.
They will have trouble keeping a good job.
They will live with you until they’re 30 years of age…or longer.
They will struggle in their relationships.
They will likely be undisciplined adults.
They will be shocked, should they they be held accountable for their actions.
And your grandchildren will spend an inordinate amount of time with you or in the ‘kennel’ we euphemistically call ‘Day Care.’

Why? Because you listened to Dr. Spock [who repented, by the way], the world and/or your feelings, instead of God.

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