Hard Thing Right Thing
Think about those issues that dog your life. Where do they come from? Does everyone have these things in their life? Am I unique? Cursed?

Reality: We live in a fallen world where things break, wear out and die; where the best plans can go awry and no amount of planning is sufficient.

However, there are people who continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, never seemingly aware that what they’re doing is causing the heartache, preferring to blame circumstances or other people for their problems.

Think about it: When you are young you may be able to eat 2500 calories every day without gaining weight. Very few can do that in their 40’s. However, at that point we have stretched our stomachs and conditioned our body to desire those huge servings and empty calories.

How many children fail to get an adequate education? How many children have very little regular exercise in their schedules? How many never learn social skills? How many of those grow up to reap what they’ve sown and then blame everyone else?

Life is a Battle, not a Picnic! Choices we make ALWAYS come back around in another form either to bless us or curse our very existence. We have very little to blame except ourselves! Yet we find all sorts of external reasons why our lives are not rewarding.

Did you take your parent’s counsel in terms of a life-mate? Or choose the one that made you feel special or needed? Did you stay in school to get an education that would prepare you for an effective life? Or did you either quit school, dawdle through or pursue a Masters Degree in French Medieval Poetry?

Young people, for the last 50 years or so, have lived with the mistaken idea that life is good unless someone else messes it up for you. Here’s The Harsh Reality: LIFE IS HARD AND THEN YOU DIE!!! Deal With It!

How many serious medical conditions are congenital vs environmental, behavioral, dietary or sexual? And how many psychological problems are really beyond our control? Ask the psychotherapist or the behavioral psychologist. Unless it’s systemic a change in attitude and behavior fixes things. We are not the victims we think we are.

How many people are poor due to events beyond their control? Life is hard and things happen, however the vast majority of our problems are Self-Inflicted!

Don’t Hate Me for saying it….I don’t make this stuff up! How many people have come to this country, unable to speak the language, without an education and having no marketable skills….only to succeed beyond anything the average American could imagine?

Booker T. Washington started a school in Tuskegee, Alabama, for black folks soon after the War Between The States. By 1905, of all the graduates from Tuskegee Institute only one had been since sentenced to the penitentiary and Tuskegee produced more self-made millionaires than Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined.

Washington’s Observation:”Those who have accomplished the greatest results are those…who never grow excited or lose self-control, but are always calm, self-possessed, patient and polite.”

What was Washington’s Secret to Success? The Bible. He said, “No man can read the Bible and be lazy. Christianity increases a man’s…capacity for labor.” “The Negro doesn’t run from the Bible, either.” “Read your Bible every day, and you will find how healthily you will grow.” “The Bible should be read as a daily guide to right living and as a daily incentive to positive Christian service…”

Do You Get It? We cannot live life just any way we want without incurring disappointment and defeat on some or many levels. The Laws of nature and of nature’s God won’t allow that!

There is a significant percentage of people in the world who can never succeed, as Americans define or perceive success. But, there is not ONE who cannot have a better life through discipline and hard work, coupled with an accurate perception of life and what (or Who) makes it worthwhile.

Americans are Spoiled and it shows in the number of people on our Welfare Rolls and in our Rock Concerts and drug dens. Watch young people, today. Regardless of where they are or what’s going on, they’ve got their heads glued to a video screen and they aren’t watching The News of the Day! Listen to them talk. They have very little understanding of the English Language.

Then they wonder WHY things are not going the way they expected. Is this YOUR testimony? If your life’s a mess…before you try drugs or endless ‘therapy,’ try A Disciplined Lifestyle.

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