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E. Fuller Torrey (MD) is a Psychiatrist and Medical Researcher who has written 20 books and more than 200 lay and professional papers. One such book is entitled, “Witchdoctors and Psychiatrists: The Common Roots of Psychotherapy and It’s Future.”

The folks at PsychHeresy Awareness Letter highlighted some of Dr Torrey’s findings in their May-June, 2016 Newsletter.

It’s not what you might think, simply reading the title. Dr. Torrey works through the realities of psychotherapy, comparing it with what witchdoctors are able to do, utilizing the same principles and techniques.

Those principles and techniques are social, emotional and therapeutic, working equally well in both worlds.

Dr. Torrey explains:
1. Psychotherapy is more about the patient than the practitioner.
2. The Four Basic Elements in each are the same.
3. The 500 different psychotherapies ALL work equally well even though they are contrary to one another.

He compares what seems to be radically different approaches to the issues that plague mankind, demonstrating the startling similarities in these seemingly dissimilar modalities.

In a Nutshell: It’s not about the type psychotherapy applied. It’s not about the technique used in applying them. It’s about the Person Applying The Help!

IF the patient believes you have The Answers / The Cure.
IF the patient believes you to be sincere and caring toward them.
IF the patient is satisfied that you agree with their worldview.
And IF the patient believes you have a grasp on what’s going on in their life.
Then there is what we might call Success.

Meaning the patient makes progress and the issues causing them pain subside, be it from psychotherapy or witchcraft!

We remember the TV Show: Frazier. Frazier and his brother, Niles, were psychiatrists trained in differing types of psychoanalyses. In truth, there are at least 500 differing forms, each one touted by those who truly believe in their ability to fix whatever problem the ‘client’ might have.

Dr. Torrey says it doesn’t matter! Not only are the therapies often contradictory, but they (in and of themselves) have little effect in the so-called healing process. What matters is that this person — Soul Doctor (psychologist) or Witchdoctor — knows who they are, cares about them, agrees with their view of life and offers them something they believe to be important.

If I had written this book, I would have been scorned for my lack of understanding and education! I am not a trained psychologist so I can’t possible know anything about this discipline.

What’s To Know? That there are over 500 differing / conflicting ideas about what’s going on and how to fix it? That their own studies have found 10 out of 10 practicing psychologists / psychiatrists cannot agree on the cause of the same presenting symptoms? That patients must commit to an almost unending program of Talk Therapy, revealing more and more of their fears, passions, weaknesses, etc. to strangers?

To accomplish what? Healing? NO! To find a way to live at peace with what they fear, despise, struggle with, hate!

Psychology is the study of the soul. The Mental Health community denies the soul’s existence.
Biological Psychiatrists and Behavioral Psychologists disagree vehemently, with one another
No psychologist or psychiatrist offers a Cure!
Generally psychologists & psychiatrists disagree with one another as to cause & therapeutic modality.
The psychological community is adding ‘Mental Disorders’ faster than you can keep up.
A Mental Disorder is a disorder of the mind. The mind is immaterial. They make it the brain!
If our brains are where decisions are made, then drugs or electric shocks can fix them!

The Bible says mans’ problem is sin!
The Bible says our decisions are made in the heart! [A non-physical part of our being]
The Bible understands that IF you do This, you will GET That!
The Bible understands that wrong thinking produces wrong behaviors, which cause bad feelings!
The Bible offers the only Cure: A Change of Heart!
Once The Heart Is Made New, The Attitudes & Behaviors of Life Follow And There Is Peace / Strength!

So….apparently you can go to a witchdoctor and, if you believe in him, trust him, you will find healing.
Or….you can go to a Mental Health Professional and, if you believe in him, trust him, you will find a way to live with what ails you.
Or….you can admit your sin…bow your heart before God…experience New Life…and live at peace.

Your Choice!

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