2. The Alternative To Psychotherapy

Grace The alternative is to look at what human beings are and what is the real cause of our emotional problems.

The alternative is to consider the God Who created us and Who tells us ‘The Mind’ is a function of the ‘Heart.’ The heart being an inanimate part of our being, our soul.

The alternative is to listen to God as He tells us we cannot have peace until we have peace with Him.

The alternative is to believe God when He says there is only One Way To Live if we want peace.

The alternative is to accept His moral code. Attempts to create alternate realities, mask our feelings with drugs, live alternative life-styles and imagine whatever tickles our fancy will always end in moral, social and emotional disaster!


Biblical Counseling is not telling a Trained Professional all your intimate feelings and sins. It is not about telling someone how terrible your wife or husband or parents or children are. It’s not about venting or gossiping or ‘getting it all out’ in one big rant, so you will feel better.

Biblical Counseling is also not simply about confessing known sin to another person, so you have evidence of your submission to God, that He might then have mercy on you and heal your mind.

In short, Biblical Counseling is not like anything you have ever seen or read about or been told about….even by Christian Counselors!

The Biblical Counselor has not shut out all there is to know and learn from the science of psychology. Our ‘beef’ is not with the science of observation and application. Our ‘beef’ is with Clinical psychology! The idea that science can isolate psychological norms in people and then rate everyone normal or abnormal, based on those norms.

Laboratory psychology has provided a wealth of valuable information about the human psyche. It has also taught us a great deal about how people respond to the various stimuli in our world. It is the application of this data, as well as the methodology of the ‘Therapy Session,’ that causes great concern.

The Biblical Counselor is measuring our responses to life against The Bible [God’s revealed Word to mankind]. Psychotherapy is “utilizing insight, persuasion, suggestion, reassurance and instruction so that patients may see themselves and their problems more realistically and have the desire to cope effectively with them.”

Listen to the jargon: “cope effectively.” What, exactly, is that? What does it mean to ‘cope?’ What if you don’t do it ‘effectively?’ Who decides what ‘coping’ is and what ‘effective’ is? Who’s “insight?” Who’s “persuasion?” Who’s “suggestion?” The Therapists? What’s his / her moral, spiritual value system?

You can readily see the minefield psychotherapy presents, both in the techniques and the person applying them. The morals and values of the Therapist, of the 1950’s, is significantly different than today’s Therapist. Does that mean human beings have changed? Have the definitions of various ‘problems’ changed? Have we learned so much about the human psyche that we can now freely suggest that people live according to their own values, and be healed? [excuse me: be better able to cope?]

Some people have a depressive personality; more melancholy. David, in the Bible, is an illustration. Other people are spontaneous and out-going, like Peter, in the New Testament, who jumps out of a boat to walk across the water, before realizing he can’t do that! What would Therapy have done for/to them?


To Be Continued…

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