A World of Victims


A South Carolina man was charged with Murder, having choked, beaten and stabbed his live-in girlfriend 15 times. His attorney says ‘there is no question my client did this.’ Yet he is asking the jury to ‘understand’ that there was ‘no malice, no hate’ in his heart. He was as much a victim as the woman who died.

This is where the psychological community has led us: Into a world without personal responsibility. A world of victims, dominated by emotion, chemistry and 3 pounds of ‘grey matter’ sitting atop our necks. We are not responsible for the effects of our environment, even if we deliberately choose them. We are not responsible for the chemical reactions in our body, even if we induce them. And we are certainly not responsible for words and actions precipitated by the outrage or instigation of others.

This is [literally] Life In The Psych-Ward! A man lives with a woman, not his wife. This means there is no measurable commitment beyond how they make one another feel. They both routinely intoxicate themselves with alcohol and drugs. According to published accounts, she was high on marijuana and a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal amount. He was not sober, during the attack, and had drugs available as indicated by what was found in his system and in his home, when the police arrived.

A woman is dead. A man is admitting he killed her. But it’s not his fault!? Do you feel sorry for him?

What else is ‘Not our fault?’ The circumstances of our birth that limits opportunities for wealth? The chaotic world of Public Education that does not prepare me for life? The technology that offers me non-stop communication and entertainment, distracting me from personal development and responsibility? The people in my life? The choices I make? The influences that guide me toward dissipation?

There was a time when people admired those who ‘rose above’ their circumstance to achieve. The applause was for Personal Responsibility and Taking The Initiative, rather than merely Following The Herd. What Happened?

Drugs Happened! Talk-Therapy Happened! Theory Over-Took Reality! Feelings Became More Important Than Responsibility!

There are several known realities connected with what we call psychological therapy and therapists. One is that a majority of folks who choose this field do so because of their own problems and the fascination [love-affair?] they have with the process. Another is the reality that there is no Standardized Treatment for any mental problem you may have.

The ‘bible’ of the psychological world is called the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [DSM]. They are up to Version 5. They used Roman Numerals until this Version arrived. Another product of State Education!

The DSM lists over 500 “Mental Disorders.” This means everyone has at least one! No one is ‘normal,’ if we even know what that means anymore.

In addition, there are an almost endless number of ‘modalities’ and ‘treatments,’ available from a host of ‘practitioners,’ from a variety of social, spiritual, psychological orientations.

What this means is: You can take your symptoms to as many ‘therapists’ as you want and generally receive a variety of diagnosis for the same indications. If this happened within the medical community it would be a scandal and people would lose their license to practice.

The psychological community is an inadequately regulated, unresponsive, unaccountable group of ‘Mental Cowboys / Cowgirls,’ turned loose on an unsuspecting, uneducated and vulnerable society. They operate from psycho-social theories that change with the wind and create as many problems as they solve….if THEY solve any. Letting you talk is not a exactly a cure. Giving you moral advice can be worse, depending upon the psycho-social, spiritual orientation of the one giving that advice.

Those who have embraced this philosophy will take exception to what I have written. Those who have been abused by it will understand. Human Beings are more than the sum-total of their chemistry and feelings. We are spiritual creatures, not simply physical. If you are Doing Right….You will Feel Right, unless there is a physical reason.

We live in a world where Feelings are more important than just about anything else. And that’s a recipe for disaster!

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